About Eaton Chemical

Our Mission: A Promise

"To offer our customers the most reliable, specialized service in the coatings and water-based cleaners industries."

Our philosophy is to provide "Uniquely Superior Personal Service"-to offer the finest service by devoting time, attention, and resources to our customers. All of this is accomplished through a combination of team effort on the parts of our suppliers, investors, partners, and employees.

A small company with an organic structure, we are able to adapt to customers' needs very quickly and effectively, enabling us to succeed in our above stated mission.

Our History: Your Value

R. N. Eaton & Company, Inc. was founded in 1984 when the present ownership acquired the assets of the then-named Solvent Supply Company. Eaton Chemical was formed around that nucleus to become Kansas City's only independent solvent and chemical distributor.

Over the years we have expanded into other areas. The company became interested in environmentally-friendly solutions for industrial, aerospace, and automotive applications. Currently, we manufacture and private-label a full line of industrial, aerospace, and automotive stripping, cleaning, lubricating, and coating solutions. We provide raw materials through our sister company, Abner Hood, Inc.

Shortly after the company was founded, Eaton Chemical began expanding to other areas of business. In 1986, The Ben Johnson Company of St. Louis was acquired to expand Eaton's coatings and raw materials lines. In 1988, Eaton Chemical acquired the Abner Hood Company, another supplier of raw materials for the coatings, agriculture, and food industries. This expansion broadened our service capability to various markets throughout the mid-west. In 1993, the Anderson Chemical Company, known simply as ANCO, became part of the organization, making and distributing spotting fluids and detergents for the professional laundry and dry-cleaning trades.

After the flood of 1993, Eaton Chemical became a leader in developing water-based solutions for many traditionally solvent-based applications as a response to the advent of environmental awareness. The change in focus has opened many opportunities for the company and has exercised its ability to adapt, innovate, and serve the market with better attention and agility.

Eaton Chemical acquired the manufacturing and distribution rights to the Golden Star product line of floor-care and related chemicals in 2002, and sells these products through a nationwide network of distributors. These products are sold internationally to such locations as Taiwan and South Korea.

New for 2011 is a focus on pipe coatings, wood coatings for flooring, and our latest aqueous paint remover for aircraft and aluminum substrates nationwide.

Our Specialty: Satisfaction 

As our mission stated above tells, it is Eaton Chemical's pursuit to be the most attentive and accommodating provider of specialty coatings and chemicals.

Aside from the mission, we work every day to create unique solutions to customers' problems. This includes developing new products and methods specifically for a client. The company is able to treat customers with this type of care by way of an organic organizational structure with empowered, motivated employees and managers.

With this type of specialization, it becomes clear that Eaton Chemical is the type of stable company that rides high times and low times through innovation and adaptation.