Automotive Products

Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
DP706 18 Wheeler Liquid, Aluminum safe presoak and wash. Removes insect residue and road film. Truck and car washes PDF
DP710 Big Rig Economical, yet tough, all over equipment cleaner. Truck wash, car wash, and equipment cleaner. PDF
DP712 One Shot Equipment and vehicle wash that doubles as a wax. Truck wash, car wash, and equipment cleaner. PDF
DP733 Brake Cleaner High performance, solvent-borne brake and parts cleaner. Automotive service shops
DP734 Windshield Washer Fluid RTU Premium windshield washer solvent. Mixed to withstand cold temperatures during the winter months. Automotive
SS1303 Ultraviolet Heavy-duty degreaser for all vehicle types. It even works on floors! Automotive and shop floor care.
SS5101-C Clearview Concentrate Concentrated windshield washer fluid. May be mixed to your own dilution needs. Automotive PDF
SS0205 Durango Powdered, Heavy-duty, versitile degreaser, formulated for automatic scrubbers or mopping applications. Automotive service shops
SS0205-P Durango Plus Powdered degreaser, formulated especially for the oil change industry. Will clean the greasiest floors. Automotive service shops
SS0202 Jet Wash 202 Powdered, aluminum safe transmission and engine parts cleaner. Alkaline formula will emulsify dirt, grease, oil, and carbon. Automotive service
SS2104 Jet Wash 204 Highly-alkaline powdered degreaser for engines and transmissions. Automotive service
DP700 Clean and Shine Powdered vehicle wash. Automotive PDF
DP8050 Blue Max Economical powdered vehicle wash. Automotive
DP0707 Tough Job Concentrated auto detergent for tunnel wash. Automotive, Car/Truck Wash PDF
DP0708 NU-Kleen New car coating remover. Automotive
DP713 E-Foam Foaming wash for pressure or automatic car washes. Automotive
SS0209F Cherry Foam Highly dilutable, foaming fleet wash concentrate. May be used in low and high pressure applications. Automotive
SS1283 20 Lemons A general all purpose cleaner and degreaser. Use as is for heavy degreasing, or dilute to clean concrete, automotive, and household surfaces. Auotmotive
SS1761 AlumaFoam Highly effective foaming aluminum brightener. Automotive
SS0217 Mitt Wash Concentrate Concentrated, neutral pH, mitt wash for manual car washing that is also formulated to be power wash safe. Automotive
SS0420 Wintergreen Aluminum safe, highly effective degreaser for the toughest bugs, tar, and grease. Automotive

Automotive Detail

Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
DP110 Shield Vinyl coating for interior or exterior rubber and plastic. Automotive detail
DP703 Champion Tire Dressing Silicone-based, no buff tire dressing. Spray and let dry! Automotive detail PDF
DP704 Lemon Shine Spray wax, polish, and rinse aid. Leaves a spotless, glossy finish. Automotive detail PDF
DP711 Shine Up Tire Dressing Non-silicone tire dressing. No buffing required! Automotive detail PDF
DP735 Cherry Spray Wax Spray ready wax with a cherry scent. Automotive detail
SS1109 Sil-Free Tire Dressing Economical, silicone free tire dressing. Automotive detail
SS1105 Final Inspection All purpose spot and final clean up. Automotive detail
DP0701 White Wall Tire Cleaner Specially formulated tire cleaner designed for white wall tires. Automotive PDF
SS5107 Rain Away Water repellant for windshields, windows, shower doors, etc... Automotive, Janitorial

Fuel Treatment

Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
SSDEFFLUID DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid Automotive
SS3450 Fuel Max Fuel additive proven to increase mileage and horsepower. Automotive

Automotive Aerosols/Quest Specialty

Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
Q800 De-ice Frost and ice remover. Automotive
Q802 Off Carburetor Cleaner Cleans and frees moving parts on carburetor. Automotive
Q804 Finish Touch Tire Cleans and protects tires, while providing a high gloss shine. Automotive
Q809 Nochlor Brake Parts Cleaner Non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner. Automotive
Q810 Command Auto Polish Carnuba wax and PTFE fortified automotive polish. Automotive
Q823 Detect Battery Cleaner Cleaner and protector with an acid indicator. Automotive
Q825 Crunch Organic Degreaser Organic engine degreaser. Automotive
Q826 Vroom Starting Fluid Lubricates and prevents corrosion. Also extends battery life! Automotive