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We have disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaners approved for the Novel Human Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, as well as Hand Sanitizer Gel and Liquid!

Statement Regarding Recent Concerns about Methanol in Hand Gels and Sanitizers:

  • Recent concerns are related to certain Hand Gels and Sanitizers that were manufactured with 70% or a greater amount of methanol, rather than the CDC-recommended Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Our hand gels and sanitizers contain ethanol, and do not currently contain any methanol.
  • The ATF Tax and Trade Bureau requires denaturants to be added to ethyl alcohol not intended for consumption, to render it undrinkable.
  • The denatured alcohol currently used for Healthy Hands is called SDA-40B.  This is the formula recommended for use by the ATF, FDA, CDC, and WHO and is denatured with tertiary butyl alcohol, not methanol.
  • The denatured ethyl alcohol used to produce early batches of Healthy Hands 70% contained small amounts of methanol.  This level of methanol present posed no health threat except if consumed orally (drank).
  • For additional information see Federal and GHS guidelines for dermal and oral toxicity.
  • The amount of ethyl alcohol contained in our products has always met CDC guidelines for efficacy against the Novel Human Coronavirus.
  • LB098.FDA Healthy Hands Gel and LB099 Healthy Hands Liquid meet current FDA, CDC, WHO updated guidelines.

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