Small Packaging

Our small packaging services include a range from cases of half-pints or quarts, to bulk deliveries into your on-site tank.

In the early 1990's, Eaton Chemical began increasing its small packaging operations and now specializes in this area, especially with private-labeled materials. This service is valuable to both customers and Eaton, as the result is a tailored quantity for you needs. As an alternative, and in order to reduce customers' costs, we have led the way in on-site tank placement for bulk deliveries of proprietary blends and custom-formulations. This service reduces costs and prices by reducing packaging and product waste, fuel charges, and labor allocation.

Small Packaging Tank

Custom Private Labeling

This value-added service can add class and style to your products. Whether we custom-create the artwork and logos, or whether you provide us with them, we can label any product with your logo, name, and exact specifications. We can screen-print, heat-shrink, or paper-label any of the containers that we fill. Call a representative to find out more about this attractive service.

Private Labeling

Custom Formulation

All we need to create a custom formulation for your solution is a sample of your current product and an MSDS. If your solution is a new product, our chemists and chemical engineers will work to promptly deliver your needed product. Depending on expected volume, we can provide a very competitive, tailored product for your needs. Contact a representative to discuss this unique and valuable service.

Custom Formulation